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Rapidly Growing Demand for NForce-Fiber® Prompts Large Offering


Safe, Sustainable, Technology

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) is proud to announce the offering of full divestiture of its commercialized NForce-Fiber® Technology – the world’s only ASTM/CSA compliant hemp fiber reinforcement for concrete, replacing environmentally problematic and non-sustainable glass and plastic fiber in the multi-billion-dollar concrete construction market.

A truly disruptive technology, NForce-Fiber® was introduced to the market in 2016 on a pilot scale and is fully verified for its high performance as well as enormous, rapidly growing market demand. Such long commercial pilot phases - prior to implementing major production - are common in launching engineered products, especially representing disruptive technologies used in strictly regulated applications, such as concrete construction.

Prior to the commercial pilot phase, the product was extensively lab and field-tested by independent, world-renown experts who, in 2016, established its high performance on the basis of ASTM / CSA compliance standards. These results were subsequently confirmed in close to a hundred commercial projects, some of them of quite high profile. Since its launch in 2016, NForce-Fiber® remains the only commercialized, high-performance, engineered, hemp-based concrete fiber in the world. It is also, to our best knowledge, the highest value (up to $25/lb, $55/kg), commercialized hemp fiber-based product worldwide, with proven, immense demand in a multi-billion dollar market.


Proven Superiority

NForce-Fiber® has been proven far superior in performance to plastic and glass fiber in concrete. This performance is driving its demand, successfully replacing plastic and glass fiber in high-value concrete construction; such as architectural/decorative, infrastructure, water resources, special industrial, as well as most shotcrete projects and many others requiring higher concrete integrity.

Currently, the market demand greatly exceeds the pilot production supply, and the product is therefore constantly sold out. The technology is now completely de-risked and well situated for full-scale commercial production and full commercial entry into the multi-billion dollar concrete fiber market. Hemp straw feedstock for NForce-Fiber® production is plentiful in North America and, likely, everywhere in the hemp space - as few technologies are available for hemp straw utilization in such high-value applications (commanding prices up to 100x higher than prices for conventionally-processed hemp-straw commodities). In our opinion, this will assure priority of access to practically unlimited hemp straw supplies for manufacturers in any foreseeable future – for decades.


Commercial-scale manufacturing factories are required to realize full NForce-Fiber® business potential. The US concrete fiber market is currently >$2B annually and projected to grow.

A factory making 1,000,000 lbs/year of NForce-Fiber® could generate ~$25M revenue (requiring a concrete fiber market penetration of only about 1% in the US), with payback in less than 1 year. It is expected that ultimately, about 20 factories will be required in strategic locations in North America and around the world with the ultimate concrete fiber market penetration by reaching about 20%.

Offered Turn-Key Package: Factory & Technology

CGT is offering - to qualified entrepreneurs - the entire NForce-Fiber® Business, in the form of a turn-key business package, consisting of:

  • Engineering, construction, commissioning, training and technical support of the FACTORY EQUIPMENT for the manufacture of 1,000,000 lbs/year of NForce-Fiber® - anywhere in the world;
  • A HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant installed upstream of the Factory;
  • Full, perpetual, and exclusive technological LICENSE for NForce-Fiber® Business, including manufacture and distribution of products;
  • Full and complete TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER of NForce-Fiber® product compositions, formulae, processing regime – all protected by time-unlimited trade secrets.

The new owner of NForce-Fiber® Business will be the full and exclusive producer in the territory to the exclusion of any third party as well as CGT. Construction of the factory (including HempTrain™) will take 18-24 months.

NForce-Fiber® Story

Since 2016 this remains the only fully commercialized, engineered, hemp-based fiber reinforcement for concrete in the world.  The product, selling for up to $25/lb ($55/kg) has been, for 5 years, well-proven in the multi-billion dollar concrete market.

NForce-Fiber® has been successfully used in close to a hundred international commercial projects, public and private, in Canada, US, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. The product was also specifically requested and successfully used in special projects, such as uranium ore storage in Africa, parts of the bobsled track for the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, and parts of the new LRT line in Toronto.

A precursor feedstock to manufacturing comes from long (up to 36”), intact strings of structural bast fiber separated from hemp straw by a HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant.

Subsequent, processing and manufacturing is subject to a number of major technical trade secrets, including the product composition, processing, machinery, and chemical formulae. The Trade secrets are time-unlimited.

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