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NForce-Fiber® is the world's only commercial technology for advanced, high-performance construction hemp fiber - used, since 2016, in more than 100 commercial projects, including the 2022 Beijing Olympics.
NForce-Fiber® is processed and treated using innovative technologies that prevent fiber degradation and increase performance in the strong alkaline conditions of cement matrices. Unlike conventional synthetic micro-fibers, NForce-Fiber® boasts a chemical bond with the concrete matrix, as well as a mechanical one. NForce-Fiber® is specially treated for concrete compatibility and is adopted for premium concrete and shotcrete applications and is the world’s only ASTM/CSA-compliant hemp reinforcement fiber for concrete.



A unique high-performance natural fiber product designed to reduce plastic shrinkage cracking and mix segregation in concrete.


  • Mitigates plastic shrinkage cracking
  • Outperforms Conventional Technologies
  • Exceptional dispersibility in concrete/cement mix
  • Improves flexural strength
  • Improves workability
  • Improves surface finish & finishability (non-protruding)
  • Improves work site safety (no blow torch required)
  • Crack control & volumetric stability
  • Overall cost-effectiveness
  • Sustainable


A unique high-performance natural fiber product designed to significantly increase adhesion and cohesionmix segregation and rebound in shotcrete, as well as reduce plastic shrinkage cracking.


  • Increases adhesion, cohesion & workability
  • Mitigates plastic shrinkage cracking
  • Outperforms Conventional technologies
  • Exceptional dispersibility of shotcrete mix
  • Reduces rebound, sag & sloughing
  • Improves surface finish & finishability (non-protruding)
  • Improves work site safety (no blow torch required)
  • Overall cost-effectiveness
  • Sustainable


NForce-Fiber® - the World's Only Hemp Concrete Reinforcement Fiber

Demonstration - See how NForce-Fiber® Disperses in Concrete Mix


Commercial-scale manufacturing factories are required to realize full NForce-Fiber® business potential. The US concrete fiber market is currently >$2B annually and projected to grow.
A factory making 1,000,000 lbs/year of NForce-Fiber® could generate ~$25M revenue (requiring a concrete fiber market penetration of only about 1% in the US), with payback in less than 1 year

Offered Turn-Key Package: Factory & Technology

CGT is offering - to qualified entrepreneurs - the entire NForce-Fiber® Business, in the form of a turn-key business package, consisting of:
  • Engineering, construction, commissioning, training and technical support of the FACTORY EQUIPMENT for the manufacture of 1,000,000 lbs/year of NForce-Fiber®;
  • HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant installed upstream of the Factory;
  • Full, perpetual, and exclusive technological LICENSE for NForce-Fiber® Business, including manufacture and distribution of products;
  • Full and complete TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER of NForce-Fiber® product compositions, formulae, processing regime– all protected by time-unlimited trade secrets.
The entire turn-key Business, described above, is offered for a lump-sum price of 2023 budget $11-12 M USD, TBD for Region; costs of facility, land, and operating expenses are not included. The new owner of NForce-Fiber® Business will be the full and exclusive producer in the territory to the exclusion of any third party as well as CGT. Construction of the factory (including HempTrain™) will take 18-24 months.


Luge, bobsled track at Winter Olympics slides to exciting finish with Canadian hemp content

Calgary-based company sent more than 27,000 kilograms of its hemp fibres to China for the construction of the track - Angela Stelmakowich for the Regina Leader-Post

It looked very good. Was very smooth, with no protruding fibers and showed no cracking.
Dr. R. Morgan, P.Eng.
Shotcrete Magazine-ASA



NForce-Fiber® featured in Shotcrete Magazine; the leading magazine of the shotcrete industry! Read the article and find out how NForce-Fiber® is effective in BOTH wet & dry shotcrete.

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