HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Processing Facility

The HempTrain Advanced Hemp Decorticator Facility is a complete hemp processing platform! After extensive research & development, we have developed and implemented our HempTrain™ advanced hemp decortication technology, capable of separating baled hemp into high value products.


  • Outperforms Conventional Decorticators
  • Produces Intact Structural Bast Fiber
  • Produces Spec-Sized Hurd Granules
  • Only Decorticator Capable of Producing CBD & Bio-Nutrient Rich Green Microfiber
  • 0% Dust Generation

Conventional decorticators use the same hundred year old technology, employing a hammer mill or alike slow motion “beating” action, which damages bast fiber and causes attrition of hurd fiber. Damage to bast fiber destroys the structural fiber bundles required for effective contemporary reinforcement applications. Attrition of hurd fiber leads to production of powdered hurd, contaminating the green microfiber containing CBD and other nutrients; effectively making any separation of clean green mass fraction impossible.

HempTrain™ employs innovative high speed kinematic action producing intact structural bast fiber, spec-sized hurd, and a clean green microfiber stream, rich in CBD and other bio-nutrients (terpenes, glucose, hemi-cellulose, etc.).This green microfiber stream significantly increases the value of the production, allowing for a high margin and short- time payback business model.

The cost of a HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Decorticator Facility is much lower per ton / hour of throughput than conventional decortication technologies, while producing much higher value products.

The HempTrain™ Bale Opener has been engineered to open any standard square or round hemp bale, has an operational window of 5’ x 6’x 8’ (1.5m x 1.8m x 2.4m), and does not require alignment of hemp stalks.

Utilizing CGT’s state-of-the-art, patent-pending technology, the HempTrain™ Bale Opener is capable of opening over 2000 lbs/hr. Unlike conventional bale openers, the HempTrain™ Bale Opener is designed to withstand the unique rigors of the long, high tensile strength hemp fiber (avoiding wrapping and clumping) without damage to the fiber. It is also, very importantly, engineered to minimize the destruction and loss of green material and the bio-nutrients it contains, while ensuring the hemp remains intact, structural, and undamaged so as to be further processed into high-value products.

The HempTrain™ Bale Opener has been specifically designed for compatibility with CGT’s HempTrain™ Advanced Decorticator System, and can therefore even process whole hemp plants, mowed or swathed at their base, mitigating the loss of CBD and other bio-nutrients.

HempTrain™ Decorticator Turnkey Package

The HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Decorticator Facility is robust and operation-friendly and will be supplied as a turnkey 2000lbs / hour module (10-12,000,000 lbs/year) package.

HempTrain™ is currently only available to Canada and the United States

Sale Price: CAD $1,940,000 (in 2019)


  • Bale Opener
  • Main Processing Units
  • Electrical Controls
  • Dust Control
  • 2 Years of Limited Warranty
  • Delivery, Installation, Commissioning, & Equipment Training

The first commercial HempTrain™ facility has been operating since late 2016, reliably and efficiently. The first turnkey HempTrain™ facility has been operating since late 2018 and is available for viewing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Contact us to book your HempTrain™ facility tour.


Throughput: 2000 lbs/hr (approximately 10-12 million lbs /year)

Area Required: ~20′ (6 m) X ~53′ (16 m)

Machine Height: ~18′ (5.5 m)

Machine Weight: ~20000 lbs (9070 kg)

Feedstock Bale Size: Up to 8’ x 5’ x 6′ (2.4m x 1.6m x 1.8m), accepts round and square bales

Hurd Fiber Particle Length: From 1/8″ (3mm) to 2″ (50mm)

Power Requirement: ~75 HP (60 kW); 480 V

How HempTrain™ Operates:

Using HempTrain™ we make products for applications ranging from construction to garden care to cat litter to food preservation to skin care! Learn more about our hemp processing technologies.

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