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What We Do

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) is the world leader in whole-plant hemp processing technologies. We developed, designed, engineered, and manufactured the revolutionary HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant equipped with the HempTrain™ Baled Straw Opener and innovative non-destructive hemp stalk separation decortication/refining machinery. A special place in our technological portfolio is taken by the ASTM/CSA-compliant NForce-Fiber® reinforcement for concrete.
We have built a reputation for superior design, innovation, and engineering excellence, it's evident in everything we do. Our world-class engineers identify industry challenges and build solutions with the future in mind. Discover what sets CGT apart from convention.

Our Innovations

HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant

The HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant is a complete hemp processing platform. Patented and state-of-the-art, it produces more sellable products, uses fewer resources, requires less manpower and is more versatile than any other hemp processing technology in the world.

HempTrain™ enables access to high-value, multi-billion-dollar mass markets, while drastically reducing capital and operating costs at each step of hemp processing. Learn more >>

Licensing for manufacturing and distributing HempTrain™ within territories is available. Learn More>>

HempTrain™ Baled Straw Opener

The HempTrain™ Baled Straw Opener, unlike conventional unwinders, has been engineered specifically for industrial hemp. Its patented design allows it to withstand the unique rigours of long, high-tensile strength hemp fiber (avoiding wrapping and clumping) without damage to the fiber. It is also, engineered to minimize the destruction and loss of green material, and the bio-nutrients it contains while ensuring the hemp remains intact, structural, and undamaged to be further processed into high-value products.

The HempTrain™ Baled Straw Opener can open conventional square or round hemp baled straw, dry or fresh/green, whole plant or leaves. With an operational window of 5’ x 6’ (1.6m x 1.8m), the HempTrain™ Baled Straw Opener does not require any alignment of hemp stalks to separate. Feed rate and manner of loading may change significantly depending on feedstock.


NForce-Fiber® is the world's only commercial technology for advanced, high-performance construction hemp fiber. It's been used in more than 100 commercial projects, including the 2022 Beijing Olympics and is the only ASTM/CSA-compliant hemp reinforcement fiber for concrete worldwide.


Unlike conventional synthetic micro-fibers, NForce-Fiber® boasts a chemical bond with the concrete matrix, as well as a mechanical one. NForce-Fiber® is specially treated for concrete compatibility and is adopted for premium concrete and shotcrete applications Read more...


NForce-Fiber® Factory offering is available.

Learn More>>

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Our Expertise

Our resource library includes technical documents, white papers, articles, videos, and more.  If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact us.





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