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Information Bulletin 3A- High-Value Bast Fiber Products Manufactured by CGT

It has long been an adage that there are 20,000-50,000 products that can be made from hemp. This is arguable, but the real question is “How many are REALLY being made by the hemp industry worldwide AND SHOULD practically be made from hemp?” More specifically, for the purpose of this Information Bulletin, “How many from hemp bast fiber?

Interestingly, while mention of hemp traditionally brings out the notion of hemp fiber, it is the hemp fiber whose “gainful” use – besides textile – often involves the longest discussion, especially in North America. It is already well established that a commodity hemp fiber for textile, supplied from lower labour cost countries, is inexpensive and plentiful in the marketplace. The North American hemp industry needs innovative, value-added hemp products to compete.

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. is currently the ONLY continuously and commercially operating hemp processing facility in North America, producing high-value, high-volume products from industrial hemp. Canadian Greenfield is also the only hemp processor in North America that manufactures (amongst its hemp fiber-based product lines) a very high value AND fully commercialized engineered product – market-tested and in high demand – NForce-Fiber®, made from the hemp bast fiber.

This Information Bulletin offers an insight, from our perspective and based on our real-life experience, on the subject of the commercial manufacture and sales of high-value products made from hemp bast fiber.

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