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HempTrain™ Expands into European Union

CALGARY, Canada- September 28, 2023- Canadian Greenfield Technologies (CGT) is pleased to announce its first sale of the HempTrain™ in Europe. The pre-paid, $2.5 M USD, fully loaded facility includes a HempTrain™ as well as many auxiliary facilities for fiber cleaning, hurd refinement, blending and packaging.

The facility, purchased by the company VivaKanepa LTD, a multi-national European business group located in Laci, Romania (EU), is scheduled to be shipped to its destination in June of 2024. CGT will send its professional experts to oversee installation and commissioning of the facility and provide training to the local operating personnel as per our standard turn-key contract.

This project opens tremendous opportunities for growing the market for the HempTrain™ technology in Europe, where traditional hemp industry has long existed, and contemporary hemp industry is currently taking its root.

We are proud to acknowledge that HempTrain™ has been chosen, after almost a year of evaluation, over several long-established, European-based hemp processing technologies.

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