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Cannabinoid Cancer Research Reinforces Need For High Value Processing By HempTrain™


Future owner of America’s first HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant, Dr. Steve Groff, a board-certified physician from York, PA, is excited about his Alma Mater’s new research findings.

Results released through a University newsletter from Penn State’s Hershey Medical Center show exciting news for the Industrial Hemp community. Findings recently released, suggest that groups of cannabinoids may inhibit colon cancer cell growth. Most notably for the Hemp community were the specific findings that neither THC nor CBD were effective,  thus indicating by definition, that Industrial Hemp, a cannabis plant, different only from it cousin marijuana, by having less than 0.3 percent THC, may have anti-neoplastic capabilities. The results from this study suggest that there are molecules in cannabis, other than the highly-mentioned THC and CBD, that could help support what has been anecdotally discussed in the cannabis community for decades.

“This is incredibly exciting news about Hemp for us to share with farmers at the first PA Hemp Farmers event in PA on Wednesday March 20 at our Farm” says Groff. His company Farmacy Partners just celebrated it’s grand opening this past Friday with nice crowds and many questions. “This work from Hershey Med is so exciting and timely as we gather a number of interested farmers from PA to help build an industry from an old plant!”, adds Groff. The company focuses on hemp products for health and wellness, along with education regarding the cannabis plant. We look to supervise the development of concentrated hemp extracts like the widely-discussed “Rick Simpson Oil” which is available at PA medical cannabis centers currently and make those available to those suffering from cancer. Industrial Hemp is perfectly suited to be harvested on a large scale for harvest of these much-needed, non THC/CBD molecules. “The Hemptrain™ system in the only one available currently to allow processing of full bales yielding bast, hurd and cannabinoid-rich green micro-fiber” adds Dr. Groff. These extracts will be needed in large amounts, because these minor cannabinoids, referred to in the Hershey Medical Center work, are found in much smaller amounts, than CBD and THC.

Our processing center will be able to extract these molecules with efficient extraction after the HempTrain™.

Groff completed his Orthopedic Surgery Residency at Penn State in 1996 and served as Assistant Clinical Professor in 1997. He led the development of OSS Health, a leading physician-owned musculoskeletal health system.

He and his team are building a Hemp Research Park in Red Lion, PA and it is based on the HempTrain™ technology. “ We are thankful for the hard work from the team at Canadian Greenfield Technologies” says Groff. “There commitment and passion over the last six years in developing this technology will create a huge opportunity for North American Farmers” he adds. He suggests that anyone in the Hemp Industry should see what they all about!!

Learn more about Penn State’s research on cannabinoids for colon cancer research.

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