The CBD market is forecasted to reach $22B by 2022  according to The Brightfield Group. With the introduction of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 US Farm Bill), the market price of CBD is expected to decrease dramatically, as supply will surge, transitioning from limited marijuana-derived to plentiful industrial hemp-derived feedstocks. While the current high price of CBD allows enough room in profit margin to compensate for inefficient CBD production methods, ultimately the decrease in CBD market price will erode these margins until only the most efficient producers will see significant profitability.

Significant overall efficiencies will be found in changes to the entire CBD production process.

In our whitepaper, titled “Increasing Total Attainable CBD at Lower Production Cost Using Innovative Hemp Processing”, we will demonstrate how using an innovative hemp processing technology, very significant efficiencies can be realized in CBD production, starting from harvesting and propagating throughout the entire production process.

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