Watch the Commercial HempTrain™ in Operation!

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. Releases Tour Video

CALGARY, Canada, November 12, 2020- Following numerous requests from the market, Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) has conducted and filmed a dedicated tour of its commercial HempTrain™ Production Facility in Calgary, AB. The 9-minute uncut, single shot facility tour demonstrates HempTrain™ in operation from start to finish, detailing the many HempTrain™ machines and components and their functional purposes.  The in depth tour shows the feedstock flow and high-value output streams, such as long structural bast fiber, clean size-specified hurd and nutrient-rich green microfiber. The tour is accompanied by a narrative, which includes a business overview related to the merits of value-added hemp processing.

About the HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant

The HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant is the only hemp processing technology capable of separating whole-plant hemp feedstock into all high-value components. A HempTrain™ can separate dry hemp feedstock into long, strong bast fiber, clean, size-specified hurd, and a nutrient rich green microfiber. Furthermore, it can process fresh/green hemp feedstock, separating and concentrating an Extraction-Ready Fraction for use as an CBD extraction feedstock. Learn More>>

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