Canadian Greenfield Significantly Expands Market Reach

Calgary, CANADA, February 19, 2021- Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) is proud to announce the commercial production of compressed packaged products using its state-of-the-art custom sizing & compression packaging facility, engineered and built by CGT.  This facility provides packaging of all CGT products in a compressed state, allowing for much more cost-effective shipments of the products over much larger distances!

The cost of freight for high volume products, for example, such as animal bedding or bast fiber, can be prohibitive if shipped to distant markets This is significantly limiting the market reach and competitive footprint. Therefore, reducing the package size by compressing the product into a smaller packaging, allows double or even triple the number of packages/bags per shipment load, reducing the cost of freight per package/bag and, therefore, allowing us to cost-effectively reach the distant markets. Subsequently, the compressed products are easily “unpacked & loosened” by the end users into the original product volume.

Considering the special nature and requirements of hemp products, we, as often, have engineered and built our own, proprietary facility for compressed packaging of our products. The first loads of our premium animal bedding in packages - compressed to 1/3 of the loose product volume - have already been shipped to a multi-billion dollar specialty products chain with distribution points across USA. Our compressed premium bast fiber will also be soon offered to the markets.

About Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT)
CGT operates two divisions:

HempTrain™ Division, supplying state-of-the-art HempTrain™ installations for value-added hemp processing and manufacture of premium hemp products.

Hemp Products Division, supplying premium hemp products - manufactured using CGT’s own HempTrain™ facility - for various industries, including pet care, garden care, food preservation, hemp-infused as well as specialty construction – marketed under our HempAlta brand.

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