REQUESTED ADDITION to CGT Comments on Inflated Acreage in Hemp Processing Investments

From the surprisingly large positive response to our Information Bulletin of February 25, 2021, many requested the addition related to “hemp BALE processing” in  hemp processing. This is a great question, and the response should start by stating that “Hemp Processing IS hemp BALE processing.”

In many envisaged hemp processing models, it is often implicitly assumed that hemp, harvested in the field, will somehow miraculously flow into the hemp processing machinery at a flow rate that matches the installed machine throughput capacity. This is far from the reality.

To transport hemp from the field in a cost-effective way, the hemp must first be baled into dense round or square bales. These bales then become the feedstock for further processing.  This is how a hemp processing business in the developed world must be viewed, and is the only viable way of handling large acreage.

The baled hemp, prior to processing, must be converted into a continuous flow of untangled straw ready for decortication and separation.

This addition was widely requested with regard to the information bulletin posted by Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. on February 25th, 2021. As experts in the industrial hemp processing industry, operating in full commercial production, the previous bulletin discussed the logistical problems which are present in the inflated acreage of hemp processing investments. Please click the below link to read this information bulletin.

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