CGT Comments on Inflated Acreage in Hemp Processing Investments

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) has been in the hemp industry for over a decade. To this date, to our best knowledge, we are the only full-time operating hemp decortication and processing facility in North America – manufacturing and selling hemp products to main chains and platforms.

With our real-life experience, when it comes to the physical reality and logistics of processing industrial hemp into sellable products, we consider ourselves experts. During our long and continuing tenure in the hemp space we have encountered dozens, if not hundreds, of proposed and envisaged industrial hemp processing business models, on which we are often asked to comment.

We have, especially recently, noted that to attract investment, incredibly large numbers are often multiplied together with little regard to the reality of processing industrial hemp. Some people have asked us to comment on their intent to process biomass from as much as 50,000 to 100,000 acres of hemp all year round. Let’s give those numbers some perspective.

It is for those interested parties that this Information Bulletin is written. However, we wish to stress that we do not wish to publicly comment on the validity of some project-specific cases.

UPDATE: From the surprisingly large positive response to this bulletin, many requested the addition related to “hemp BALE processing” in  hemp processing.  Please click the below link to read this requested addition.

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