LAUNCHED! Another State-of-the-Art Hemp Processing Plant by Canadian Greenfield Technologies

September 17, 2020, CALGARY, Canada – Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) is proud to announce the launch of a new HempTrain™ facility as part of CGT’s production expansion. The new HempTrain™, located at CGT’s Calgary Production Plant, is already up and running, producing high value hemp products for which market demand is rapidly growing.

The market recognizes the need for value-added, hemp products (see our marketing platform HempAlta)- with assured high performance and purity as well as assured supply and prices – supplanting old, low value, conventional products, including imports. The potential market for the various product lines is enormous, with each product line in a multi-billion dollar market category, and will require hundreds of HempTrain™ installations to satisfy. CGT continues to offer its turn-key HempTrain™ installations in the open market.

In October 2020, CGT will be hosting a virtual tour of the new production plant. The virtual tour will include an in depth look at HempTrain’s operation. Stay tuned for more updates.

About the HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant
The HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant is the only hemp processing technology capable of separating whole-plant hemp feedstock into all high-value components. A HempTrain™ can separate dry hemp feedstock into long, strong bast fiber, clean, size-specified hurd, and a nutrient rich green microfiber. Furthermore, it can process fresh/green hemp feedstock, separating and concentrating a high-CBD fraction for use as an extraction feedstock.

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