CGT's Latest Accomplishments: Addition of HempTrain™ Facility & Expansion of NForce-Fiber™ Production

August 27, 2020

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) is expanding its production capacity to support the fast growing sales of its proprietary hemp products, manufactured using HempTrain™ technologies. As part of this expansion, a new HempTrain™ is nearing completion, scheduled to be commissioned at our Production Plant in October. In addition, a new packaging facility, designed for full vertical integration of production, will be commissioned by the end of the year, complete with an additional storage facility.

As per our business model, our engineering group is hard at work on new developments.

  • HempTrain™: The main direction is towards implementing our newest technologies for efficient processing of high fiber varieties, which is the current and expected future trend in U.S. High fiber varieties grown in the Eastern US are especially pronounced and can have bast fiber content 4-5 times that of typical Canadian feedstock grown for seed. These upgrades will include the baled straw opener as well as the entire plant separation train and will be implemented in all HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plants.
  • NForce-Fiber™: The current technological developments are aimed at streamlining and expanding our current pilot production of NForce-Fiber™.  NForce-Fiber™ is a unique, high value product, manufactured exclusively from HempTrain™-produced bast fiber. This premium product is frequently sold out due to very high market demand. NForce-Fiber™ is the only high-performance natural fiber in the world developed for the multi-billion dollar concrete construction market, compliant to ACI, CSA, and ASTM performance standards, and accepted by the industry world-wide. Successfully commercialized since 2016, having been used in a number of projects in Canada, USA and overseas, NForce-Fiber™ is most popular in very high value architectural and decorative concrete projects. In addition to expanding our pilot production, we have commenced developmental and engineering work towards a full size commercial factory.
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