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Proudly introducing NForce-Pro™, engineered for high integrity decorative concrete materials to ensure superior strength, exceptional finishability and high quality surfaces.

Manufactured from the world's strongest and most durable natural fiber, industrial hemp, NForce-Pro™ is a sustainable, premium concrete reinforcement fiber - tested and verified by independent, world renowned concrete experts. NForce-Pro™ is the world’s only ASTM/CSA-compliant hemp fiber reinforcement for concrete.


  • Outperforms Conventional Fiber

  • Improves Surface Finishability (non-protruding)

  • Superior Strength

  • Reduces Segregation of Concrete/Cement Mix

  • Improves Workability & Surface Quality

  • Crack Control & Volumetric Stability

  • Sustainable Product

It worked perfectly. The fibers look great as a surface aesthetic. 

Aldo Buffone
1025Studio, Philadelphia

Pound For Pound:

Hemp fiber is approximately HALF the weight of the fiberglass for the same amount of fiber in the mix; therefore, the quantity of NForce-Pro™ by weight is 50% of the weight of glass fiber normally used for the given mix.

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