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Canada To Install Another HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Decorticator


CALGARY, Canada, December 27, 2018- Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT), a licensed engineering / manufacturing company specializing in hemp decortication and processing technologies, a part of an industry group in business since 1987, is pleased to announce that on December 24th, 2018, CGT signed a $1.85 M contract – for supply of a turn-key HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Decorticator installation, with an option to supply 5 additional HempTrain™ installations at a predetermined price – to a Canadian / UK industry group, headquartered in Ontario, Canada. CGT is closely working with a number of other groups on similar contracts at various stages. HempTrain™ is a complete hemp decorticating and processing platform capable of decortication and processing baled hemp into three unique product streams: long bast fiber, spec-sized hurd, and CBD-rich green microfiber. The HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Decorticator has been in commercial operation since 2016, and was only recently released for sale in October 2018.

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