Revolutionary Technology to Unlock High-Value Markets!

CALGARY, Canada- October 28, 2019- Today, Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp (CGT) is delighted to announce the premiere of the official video for the commercial HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant. The video highlights the turnkey HempTrain™ package including the CGT Bale Opener, explosion-mitigating dust collector, powdered-additive mixing system, PLC control system with touchscreen, as well the high-value streams produced by HempTrain™.

The HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant is the only state-of-the-art hemp processing technology capable of separating whole hemp feedstock into high-value products and streams. HempTrain™ can process hemp feedstock, fresh or dry, into an extraction-ready high CBD fraction, a Green Microfiber, and high-value bast fiber and hurd streams for high-value products that cannot be achieved through conventional decortication technology.

HempTrain™ was recently demonstrated to international business groups at our Sip N’ Show HempTrain™ Showcase and was accepted as the key hemp processing technology essential for industry growth.

Learn more about HempTrain™ for your business, contact us to schedule your HempTrain™ demonstration tour.

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