HempTrain™ Demonstrates to International Business Groups It Is Key to Market/Business/Industry Growth

CALGARY, Canada, September 27, 2019- On September 26, 2019 Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. hosted approximately 20 industrial hemp businesses (~50 people) from the United States and Canada to tour a HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant (ready for shipment to a US buyer – GroffNA), as part of a Sip N’ Show HempTrain™ Showcase.

In light of the changing legislative landscape, there is a growing demand for hemp processing facilities, which can produce high value products. The ability to reach out to high value markets is now recognized as essential to the growth of the hemp industry in the USA and Canada. The primary goal of the presentation showcase was to discuss and provide in-depth insight on how HempTrain™ makes accessible high value, multi-billion dollar markets, while drastically reducing capital and operating costs. Amongst the many features of HempTrain™ aimed at production of high value product streams, HempTrain™ has the unique ability to process fresh/green hemp to maximize CBD retention and separate a high-CBD extraction-ready feedstock.

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. would like to thank the guests for their attendance and support.

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