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USA & Canadian Legislators Tour HempTrain™ Processing Facility


CALGARY, Canada, July 19, 2019- On July 16, 2019 we hosted approximately 150 USA and Canadian Legislators to tour our HempTrain™ hemp processing facility, as part of the 2019 Legislative Agriculture Chairs Summit.

In light of the US Farm Bill, there is a growing demand for hemp processing facilities, which can produce high value products. The ability to reach out to high value markets is now recognized as essential to the growth of the hemp industry in the USA and Canada. Our HempTrain™ technology enables mass processing of field grown hemp into high-value products, including a unique green microfiber stream rich in CBD, for multi-billion dollar markets.

After the presentation of the HempTrain™ operation, a brief forum was held with the primary goal of bringing together a diverse and dynamic group of industry experts and professionals to discuss and provide in-depth insight on planting, harvesting, processing as well as attainable markets for industrial hemp.

Our site tour received local news coverage from CTV Calgary, featuring the story in three of its newscasts.

We are grateful to the State Ag and Rural Leaders group for choosing us to be part of the 2019 Legislative Agriculture Chairs Summit. We would also like to thank our guests and industry experts for their attendance, support and expertise.

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