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NForce-Fiber® in Leading Construction Publication


An article on NForce-Fiber® has been published in the Journal of Commerce by ConstructConnect; Western Canada’s leading construction trade publication!

The article features an interview with our Vice President, Stephen Christensen discussing how NForce-Fiber® outperformed glass fiber to secure specification for the 2022 Olympic bobsleigh track.

“If you ask people in the construction industry whether plastic, steel or glass fibres work successfully to mitigate concrete shrinkage cracking, they won’t answer enthusiastically.” – Stephen Christensen, Vice President

The article goes on to discuss how NForce-Fiber® is manufactured using our proprietary HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Decorticator System due to the imperfections of traditional decortication technology.

“It consists of smashing the stalks against a grating using hammers until the hurd is forced through. However, that’s really damaging to the fibre. We developed proprietary machinery for decortication that keeps the fibre coarse and strong. The technology is very robust to feedstock, so we can take various strains of industrial hemp and produce a similar fibre product at the end.”  –Stephen Christensen, Vice President

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