Noco Earth Week

HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Processing to be Featured in NoCo Hemp Expo Earth Week Virtual Conference

CALGARY, Canada, April 21, 2020 – Join us for the 2020 NoCo Hemp Expo Earth Week Virtual Conference and Trade Show, starting tomorrow, April 22 – the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, until April 24, 2020. We are pleased to present our HempTrain™ advanced processing technology, and how it can help transform the hemp processing industry by creating products for high-value markets. In our video presentation “HempTrain™ Processing: Field to Markets”, our Vice President, Dr. Stephen Christensen, discusses the capabilities of a HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant and its significant effect on business model.  Discussed, amongst the many features of HempTrain™, is the ability to process fresh/green hemp, separate a high-CBD feedstock fraction, and maximize CBD retention. Registration is open, free and available on the NoCo Hemp Expo website:

Learn more about our HempTrain™ technology, and download the whitepapers referenced in the presentation.

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