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Canadian Greenfield Technologies Continues under Original Ownership and Management


CALGARY, Canada, December 17, 2019- Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) was the subject of a proposed acquisition which was scheduled to close on or before December 16th, 2019. The acquisition did not close and as a result there will be no change to the ownership and management of CGT.

The acquisition process caused some uncertainties in the marketplace, requiring the above clarification.

CGT has been a technology company since 2002 when it was created by an award-winning engineering and manufacturing group (est. 1987). CGT is best known as the designer, engineer, manufacturer and supplier of the state-of-the-art HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant.

About the HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant

HempTrain™ is a state-of-the-art complete hemp processing technology capable of separating whole hemp plants, fresh/green and dry, into multiple high-value streams: a high-CBD fraction, green microfiber, long and strong bast fiber, size-specified hurd, and seeds. Learn more about HempTrain™.

More information about Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. is available at www.canadiangreenfield.com. Follow Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Twitter.

For further information, contact us by phone at 1-877-974-3377 or by email at info@canadiangreenfield.com

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