Frequently Asked Questions


What is NForce-Pro™ fiber made from?

NForce-Pro™ is made from industrial hemp; more specifically, from the outer (bast) fiber produced from mature hemp stalks . It is separated from non-structural fiber, engineered for durability, bond and sized. NForce-Pro™ is the only ASTM/CSA compliant hemp concrete reinforcement fiber in the world and has been verified by accredited experts. NForce-Pro™ is accepted & used by the concrete industry.

What is the length of the fiber?

NForce-Pro™ is sized to ¾” strips and is fully dispersible in concrete.

How much concrete is used with 1lb of NForce-Pro™?

The amount of concrete used with a bag of NForce-Pro™ is dependent on the specifications of the application. To our knowledge, most decorative concrete manufacturers use about 1lb bag of NForce-Pro™ per 40lbs of concrete, though this may vary per application.

Can NForce-Pro™ replace the use of glass fiber?

Absolutely!  NForce-Pro™ has half the specific gravity of glass fiber. If you know how much glass fiber is needed for your mix ratio, you would only need to use NForce-Pro™ at half that dosage by mass. For example, some people use the replacement ratio of 1lb of NForce-Pro™ = 2lbs of glass fiber.

Where can I buy NForce-Pro™?

NForce-Pro™ is available on, and through our webstore.

Do you have any finished projects I can see?

We are not concrete contractors, however we are always very eager to see the finished projects from our clients, with many sharing their finished decorative projects on social media; follow us online to see more!

NForce-Fiber™ can be seen in many skate parks across North America and is specified in the construction of the bobsleigh track for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Is NForce-Pro™ the same as hempcrete?

NO!  NForce-Pro™ is a concrete reinforcement fiber made from industrial hemp requiring a concrete mix with aggregate. NForce-Pro™ is ASTM/CSA compliant and is the only hemp concrete reinforcement fiber in the world that has been verified by accredited experts and accepted & used by the concrete industry. Hempcrete is a bio-composite material made from a mixture of lime binder and hemp hurd.

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