November 30, 2017- Introducing new innovation to the beauty & personal care industry, Hemp-Scrub™ is a natural additive to soaps and lotions for exfoliation and health benefits. Hemp-Scrub™ is intended for gentle on skin scrubbing action.

Available in two soap grades:

Hemp-Scrub Extra™ is a finer grain (approximately 1/16″) dry product manufactured from specially processed hemp microfiber; this soap additive is intended for slight scrubbing action and delivers some nutrients to skin, leaving the skin feeling very smooth after uses (we are not qualified to make such a claim; however as scientists we know that the product is very rich with natural active ingredients). Hemp-Scrub™-Extra can be used in both liquid (including those delivered by pumping) products as well as solid soaps.

Hemp-Scrub™ is a coarse grain (approximately 1/8″) dry powder product processed from dried inner core fiber of the hemp stalk (hurd), clean and thoroughly refined; this is intended for more active, yet gentle on skin, scrubbing action and is likely more suitable for solid soap products.

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