Hemp-Scrub Extra™

For Soaps, Cosmetics, Lotions & Shampoos

Hemp-Scrub Extra™ is a fine grain powder for soaps, cosmetics, lotions and shampoos. Hemp-Scrub Extra™ is made from specially processed and clean Canadian hemp fiber, rich in CBD. Hemp-Scrub Extra™ contains 0.3-1.5% CBD which is naturally occurring in hemp fiber. This soap additive is rich in natural nutrients and provides a gentle cleansing action, leaving skin feeling clean and moisturized. Hemp-Scrub Extra™ is naturally antibacterial to prevent undesirable bacteria build up and is fully flushable and biodegradable. Hemp-Scrub Extra™ will not clog your drains.

Users of Hemp-Scrub Extra™ may wish to view public information related to CBD properties and view such information to the extent of CBD content in Hemp-Scrub Extra™. We make no specific claims as to CBD medicinal properties. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical conditions.

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