A Natural Way of Keeping Food Fresh

Hemp-Fresco™ naturally keeps your food fresh longer. Developed from specially processed Canadian hemp fiber, Hemp-Fresco™ will extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

The challenge in keeping fruits and vegetables fresh is a well known problem to farmers, grocers, and consumers. Often, produce not sold within 24 hours is discarded as waste. Hemp-Fresco™ has be proven to slow the spoilage of fruits and vegetables; increasing freshness and significantly decreasing food waste.

Possessing unique antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, Hemp-Fresco™ is beneficial in providing superior odor control and preventing undesirable bacteria from spoiling your food.

Hemp-Fresco™ is ultra absorbent– absorbing liquids such as swear, juices and gases given off by fresh fruits and vegetables; avoiding premature spoiling. It is fully biodegradable, and is safe to compost.



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