CGT Commissioning Fiber Cleaning Facility

HempTrain™ & NForce® Technologies to enter Engineered Composite Markets

CALGARY, Canada, June 16, 2021- Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) is announcing the commissioning of its proprietary Fiber Cleaning Facility, specially developed for long, strong bast hemp fiber, which can only be produced using a HempTrain™ facility. Available as an add-on to all Optima Class models of the world-class HempTrain™ Advanced Processing System, the Fiber Cleaning Facility removes hurd inclusions from the fiber, a step often required towards performance applications.

Contemporary engineered materials, intended for a multitude of reinforcing applications, be it synthetic wood structures or consumer plastics, mortar for 3-D construction or panels for car or boat manufacture - all require reinforcement with specified, assured and repeatable properties.

While the constant demand for sustainable materials often leads to hemp bast fiber as the strongest natural reinforcing fiber - its use has been severely limited by the technological inability to assure repeatable properties of such reinforcement for high performance engineered composites. CGT has solved this challenge as shown in its success with NForce-Fiber® - the only ASTM/CSA-compliant high performance natural fiber for concrete construction world-wide. NForce-Fiber® is commercialized and has been market-proven for over 5 years and in over a hundred commercial projects, including high-profile projects such as the 2022 Winter Olympics Beijing bobsled track and Toronto LRT tunnels.

The key to this success is our advanced HempTrain™ technology, the only technology in the world capable of non-destructive, mass processing of dense hemp bales of any shape and size into high-value products, including structural bast fiber. HempTrain™ technology is able to produce long, intact bast fiber as an essential precursor to the special NForce-Fiber® manufacturing process, in turn, enabling processing into unidirectional, precisely-sized, and surface treated fibers for composite systems reinforcement.

Until recently, CGT has focused on concrete construction, to great success! CGT is now expanding the application of HempTrain™-processed bast fiber, by targeting the entire composite materials market, where precisely sized and surface treated, as required, hemp fiber reinforcement offers great potential, and great value. The NForce-Fiber® manufacturing process utilizing HempTrain™-produced hemp fiber remains the only proven commercial technology in the world for spec-manufacture of reinforcing hemp fiber.

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