The virtues of cannabidiol (CBD) – in terms of its medicinal effects – are well known. Demand for CBD is expected to increase dramatically. The most common feedstock for CBD extraction is derived from marijuana plants. However, once CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant, it is no longer suitable for its primary commercial purpose – production of THC bearing products.

Industrial hemp is an alternative to marijuana as CBD feedstock. However, the CBD extraction process (by supercritical CO2 or solvents) is very expensive and needs higher concentration of CBD than the natural content in industrial hemp, to be viable.

Our process uses proprietary machinery to “strip” the CBD bearing plant fractions from field grown industrial hemp, thus concentrating CBD, providing a viable and much lower cost alternative feedstock ( 10-20% of cost of conventional, marijuana-based feedstock). This feedstock can then be used for extraction by CBD producers.

We DO NOT extract or sell CBD, we sell hemp fiber products, manufactured from the mature stalks of the hemp plant, LEGALLY grown in Canada. Our hemp fiber has a CBD content of 0.8%. Learn more about hemp-derived CBD.

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