Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. Proudly Announces the Availability of Greenfield Garden™

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new garden care line, Greenfield Garden™.

Greenfield Garden™ provides premium organic soil-free garden care to the environmentally conscious home gardener. Our products are developed for those who think about possibilities without limitations and are inspired to take sustainability to their own backyard and bedside tables.

As curious creators and mindful gardeners ourselves, we have combined all our years of research and development with the allure of Mother Earth, to bring you potting mixes, plants foods and protectors that are simple to understand and easy to use.

All Greenfield Garden™ products are made with premium Canadian hemp fiber; which provides high porosity, optimal water retention and aeration; giving you the quintessential recipe to create a beautiful and healthy garden. Additionally, our selection of high performance products are fully biodegradable, highly absorptive and naturally resistant to decay.

Greenfield Garden™ features two premium hemp fiber products, the anticipated Hemponica™ and Hemp Mulch Pro™.  These products are available to purchase on our store and on Amazon.