CALGARY, Canada, June 22, 2018- Today, Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. (CGT) – an award winning engineering / manufacturing group (since 1987) and the only manufacturer of hemp processing equipment in North America – is pleased to announce its new product, the HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Processing Plant. The first HempTrain™ commercial facility has been operating at CGT in Calgary, since late 2016 – reliably and efficiently. The first turnkey HempTrain™ facility has been operating since 2018 and is available for viewing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

All conventional decorticators use the same hundred year old technology, employing a hammer mill or alike slow motion “beating” action, which damages bast fiber and causes attrition of hurd fiber. Damage to bast fiber destroys the structural fiber bundles required for effective contemporary reinforcement applications. Attrition of hurd fiber leads to production of powdered hurd, contaminating the green microfiber containing CBD and other nutrients; effectively making any separation of clean green microfiber impossible.

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp has changed that! The HempTrain™  Advanced Processing Plant, a complete hemp processing platform, does not have any of the above shortcomings!

After extensive research & development, we have developed and implemented our HempTrain™ advanced processing technology, capable of separating hemp straw into high value products.

The cost of a HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Processing Plant is much lower per ton / hour of throughput than conventional decortication technologies, while producing much higher value products.

Hemptrain™ employs innovative high speed kinematic action producing intact structural bast fiber as well as capturing a clean green microfiber stream, rich in CBD and other nutrients (terpenes, glucose, hemi-cellulose, etc.), which have high value in many applications. This green microfiber stream significantly increases the value of the production, allowing for a high margin and short- time payback business model.

HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Processing Plant will be for sale and supplied as a turn-key ~1 ton / hour module (10-12,000,000 lbs/year; feedstock dependent) package, priced (in 2018) at CAD$1,850,000, including a bale opener, main processing units, electrical and dust control – delivered, installed and commissioned. Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. will be hosting demonstration tours beginning in September 2018; contact Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. to schedule a demonstration tour.

HempTrain™ Specifications

More information about Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. is available at; follow CGT and HempAlta™ on InstagramFacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

*Certain types of feedstock with a higher content of bast fiber (>15% w/w) and longer bast fiber in length (>3ft), as well as certain bale configurations may significantly affect the throughput capacity. Feed rate and manner of loading may change significantly depending on feedstock. For more information, please contact us.

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