Bast Fiber

For High Strength Reinforcement Applications, Textiles and Composite Materials & Products

Our HempTrain™ advanced hemp decortication technology, operating on the principle of high kinematics, is capable of producing clean, long, structurally intact bast fiber.

HempTrain™ efficiently separates bast fiber from hurd in a processing technique that does not damage the fiber strings (bundles), keeping the fiber long, structurally intact retaining high tensile strength.

HempTrain™ produces bast fiber approximately 300-600mm (12-24”) in length, which you can further size for your specific requirements.


  • High Strength Reinforcement Applications

    Long, structurally intact bast fiber is imperative for high strength reinforcement purposes for lay-up panel manufacturing and fiberglass replacement applications. Potential applications include: skis, snowboards, skateboards, longboards, automotive & boat panels, and building boards.

  • Textiles

    Long, intact bast fiber is essential for manufacturing high end hemp textile including clothing, accessories, shoes, furniture, and home furnishings.

  • Composite Materials & Products

    In addition to high strength reinforcement applications, fiber produced by HempTrain™ can be further sized by the end users for composite applications requiring dispersible fiber.

Panel Construction

Fiberglass Replacement


Composite Materials & Products

Extrusion Applications

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